Examples of Code Violations

Trailer Full of RefuseThe following are some examples of code violations:

  • Open storage of inoperable and/or partially dismantled or disassembled vehicles
  • Vehicles that are physically or legally unable to be operated, this includes missing or expired tags / license plates
  • Grass and/or weeds on property exceeding 12 inches in height
  • Ponds or pools of stagnant water
  • Limbs or parts of trees projecting less than 10 feet above sidewalks
  • Tires, old appliances, building materials, tree limbs, and piled brush
  • Landscaping, trees, or vegetation overgrown or planted in areas at intersections or streets that obstruct the view of traffic
  • Trash containers remaining in the front yard, or in the case of a corner lot in the side yard, more than 12 hours prior to, or 12 hours following, the scheduled pickup date