Grants & Tax Credits Received

Helpful Abbreviations

Before reading about the grants and tax credits received, consider reviewing some mentioned abbreviations:

  • DED - Department of Economic Development
  • CDBG - Community Development Block Grant
  • MAC - Missouri Arts Council
  • MSBG - Missouri State Block Grant
  • DOC - Department of Conservation
  • DNR - Department of Natural Resources
  • EM - Emergency Management
  • LWCF - Land and Water Conservation Fund
  • TRIM - Tree Resource and Improvement Management
  • SWMD - Solid Waste Management District
  • HeRO - Home Repair Opportunity
  • MHDC - Missouri Housing Development Commission
  • D.R.E.A.M. - Downtown Revitalization Economic Assistance for Missouri
  • HSTCDC - Harry S Truman Community Development Corporation
  • ESC - Economic Security Corporation

Grants Received

  • 110-000-MHDC - HeRO FY 2008 HSTCDC - For the repair / renovation of homes for low-income persons in the D.R.E.A.M. area - up to $20,000 available per household
  • $3,000,000 Stimulus - For the construction of new sewer lines, maintenance of old sewer lines, and mitigation measures to reduce I/I
  • $895,100 Loan-MMDOT-START - For the construction of a five-bay rectangular hangar and a ten-bay T-Hangar
  • 600-000-MSBG - For the construction of a 15,851-square-yard taxilane to house hangers at the Hugh Robinson Memorial Airport
  • $400,000 DED-CDBG Fiscal Year 2008 - For the widening of sidewalks along the outside of the square by eight to ten feet, addition of greenstrip, streetscaping, landscaping, brick paver islands/ crosswalks, and installation of water features
  • $68,000 DNR Region M SWMD Grant - For the fees associated with running the Recycle Center i.e. salaries, overhead, etc.
  • $2151.87 DOC TRIM - For employee training
  • $400,000 DED-CDBG Fiscal Year 2007 - For the acquisition and demolition of rundown properties to pave the way for much needed parking and greenspace in the downtown
  • $300,000 MODOT Transportation Enhancement Grant - For the completion of Phase 1 of Trails Master Plan, this phase will include sidewalks and lighting on Spring Street from Washington Street to KCS Railroad then an asphalt pedestrian trail along Spring Street from KCS Railroad to Morse Park competing the pedestrian route from Big Spring to Morse Park
  • $26,550 DNR-LWCF - For renovation and repair of the public pool
  • $500,000 DED CDBG EM 2007 - For the retrofitting of the spec building at 3300 Howard Bush Drive to relocate Scholastic after flooding at their previous location
  • 197-000-MHDC HeRO Fiscal Year 2007 - Monies split: $98,500 for HSTCDC and $98,500 for ESC for the repair/renovation of homes for low-income persons in the D.R.E.A.M. area (up to $20,000 available per household)
  • $3,459 MAC Capacity Building Grant - For the purchase and installation of an electronic ticketing system for The Civic
  • $400,000 DED CDBG Fiscal Year 2006 - For the paving and beautification of seven municipal parking lots in the D.R.E.A.M. area and replacement of sidewalks on Spring Street from Big Spring Park to Jefferson Street
  • D.R.E.A.M. Designation - The City of Neosho received D.R.E.A.M. designation on October 31, 2006 from Governor Matt Blunt

Tax Credits Received

  • $311,850 Missouri Development Finance Board (MDFB) - Issued to the Neosho Area Business and Industrial Foundation for a contribution of $623,700 to construct the Neosho Airport Terminal
  • 475-000-MDFB - Issued to various businesses and property owners - Contributions totaled over $950,000 and were used to replace dilapidated sidewalks and provide historic street lighting around the downtown square and within a one-block radius