Board of Appeals (Dangerous Building & Structures)


  • Richard Davidson, Mayor
  • Ashton Robinson, City Council Member
  • David Kennedy, City Manager
  • Jason Baird, Chief of Police
  • Aaron Houk, Fire Chief
  • Tom Long, City Building Officer
  • Julie Kruse, Chairman of Planning and Zoning Commission

Overview - Article II. Board of Appeals

Section 525.150: Composition

The Board of Appeals established by this Article shall consist of 7 members as follows:

  1. The Mayor
  2. One additional member of the City Council as designated by the Council
  3. The City Manager
  4. The Chief of Police
  5. The Fire Chief
  6. The City Health Officer
  7. The Chairman of the City Planning and Zoning Commission

Section 525.160: Powers

The Board of Appeals established by this Article shall have the following powers:

  1. To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by the Director of Public Works in the enforcement of this Article.
  2. To require attendance of witnesses and production of records and other documents necessary to the conduct of full and impartial hearing. 

Section 525.170: Quorum - Organization - Procedure

Four members of the Board created by this Article shall constitute a quorum. The Board of Appeals shall elect their own Chairman and Secretary. The City Attorney shall be present at all hearings and shall represent the position of the Director of Public Works. The appellant may be represented by Counsel.