Historic District Commission


  • David Sims, Chairman, Represents Downtown Neosho Property Owners
    Appointed 2/15/2019
    Term ends 11/30/2025
  • Jeff Jones, Represents Downtown Neosho Property Owners
    Appointed 4/16/2019  
    Term ends 11/30/2025                                 
  • Terry Neff, Represents Downtown Neosho Property Owners
    Term ends 11/30/2023
  • Suzie Crossno, Represents Newton County Historical Society
    Appointed 1/20/2016
    Term ends 11/30/2025
  • Charles Collinsworth, City Council Representative 
  • Ashley Siler, Non-Voting Ex-Officio Member, Chamber of Commerce Nominee
  • Richard Leavens, Non-Voting Ex-Officio Member, City Planner



The purpose of this Section is to promote the economic, cultural, educational and general welfare of the City by:

  1. Conserving and improving the value of property within District HD
  2. Protecting and enhancing the attractiveness of Neosho to home buyers, home owners, residents, tourists, visitors and shoppers thereby supporting and promoting business, commerce, industry and providing economic benefit to the City
  3. Providing a mechanism to identify and preserve the distinctive historic and architectural characteristics of downtown Neosho
  4. Fostering civic pride in the aesthetics and cultural accomplishments of the past as represented in Neosho's landmarks and historic areas
  5. Fostering and encouraging district, restoration and rehabilitation of structures, areas and adjoining neighborhoods
  6. Promoting the use of landmarks and historic areas for the education, pleasure and welfare of the people of Neosho and its visitors

The Historic District Commission is hereby established.

  1. The Historic District Commission shall consist of seven members appointed by the City Council. Members shall serve without compensation. Every attempt should be made to establish a balance of representation among members and all Commissioners should have a demonstrated interest in historic district.
  2. Of the seven members, five shall be voting members and two will be non-voting ex officio members.
  3. The Commission shall be devised as follows: One voting member shall be a member of the City Council; one voting member shall be a representative of the Newton County Historical Society; three voting members shall be downtown Neosho property owners; one non-voting member shall be nominated by the Chamber of Commerce/ Economic Development Director and the City Planner shall be a non-voting member.
  4. Two of the initial members shall serve terms of one year, two shall serve terms of two years and three shall serve terms of three years. Thereafter, the terms of office for members of the Historic District Commission shall be three years. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired terms only.
  5. The Historic District Commission shall elect from its members a Chair, a Vice Chair and a Secretary. Officers shall serve for one year and shall be eligible for re-election. The Chair shall preside over all meetings. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall preside. The Secretary shall prepare minutes and other necessary records of Historic District Commission meetings. 

Powers & Duties

The Historic District Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. To adopt its own procedural regulations
  2. To investigate and recommend to the Council the implementation of incentives and benefits to encourage redevelopment of the historic district(s)
  3. To review applications for the designation of landmarks in the Historic District, make recommendations to the City Council regarding the designation of landmarks and historic district(s), maintain a register of designated sites and district(s), and confer recognition upon persons associated with designated landmarks and historic district(s)
  4. To advise and assist Neosho residents and owners of real property on physical and  financial aspects of district, renovation, rehabilitation, and reuse of structures within the historic district(s)
  5. To encourage nomination of landmarks and historic districts to the National Register of Historic Places
  6. To review applications for construction, alteration, removal, or demolition affecting landmarks or properties and structures within the historic district(s)
  7. To consider applications for certificates of economic hardship that would allow the performance of work for which a certificate of appropriateness has been denied
  8. To review proposed Zoning District Map amendments, applications for special use permits or applications for zoning variances for property in District HD or within 185 feet of District HD in order to provide comment on such actions to the Planning and Zoning  Commission, Board of Adjustment and City Council, as appropriate.
  9. To advise the Council on the administration of any historic property which the City owns or controls
  10. To make recommendations to the City Council concerning the application for and utilization of any Federal, State or private grant, gift or bequest furthering the purposes of this Section
  11. To call upon available staff members and other experts for technical advice
  12. To advise and testify before City boards and commissions on any matter affecting historically and architecturally significant property, structures and areas;
  13. To periodically review this Chapter and to recommend to the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission amendments appropriate for the protection and continued use of landmarks or property and structures within historic district(s).